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  • Adapters
    Adapters for sea doo, yamaha, honda, kawasaki.
  • Hose
    X-Armor Hose 18m or 23m
  • Remote Controller
    Wireless EMK Plug And Play.
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The kit includes a remote control that allows the user to control the force of the water jet ejection, as well as the start and stop of the water scooter motor. The wireless set runs on two AA batteries.
The user has several modes for powering the water scooter's power: from low power mode to maximum water scooter performance mode. EMK by ZR® is equipped with a safety system that cuts off power to the watercraft if the remote control is not active within 4 seconds.
• Easy installation • Wrist strap • The remote control is unsinkable and 100% waterproof.
The newest Hose
Tin the Zapata Racing hoses lineup, rubber inside and out makes the X-Armor Hose extremely durable.
This Hose
has a 2 year limited warranty and its perfect for busy rental companies as well as for professional riders.
This hose
is available in black color and it is 110 mm in diameter.

Kawasaki / Honda
all necessary accessories available in the store
all necessary accessories available in the store
Sea Doo
all necessary accessories available in the store

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